Myles Dyer

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Myles Dyer is a seasoned content development specialist and presenter, with a deep-rooted presence in the digital world since 2006.Starting his journey on YouTube, Myles became a trailblazer in using the platform for positive change, influencing areas like education, mental health, technology, activism, gaming, and charity. His creation of thousands of videos and livestreams has reached millions worldwide, playing a pivotal role in nurturing the earliest online communities.He spearheaded the first UK YouTube gatherings and left a lasting mark with his annual 24-hour non-stop live charity fundraiser ‘Stickaid’, earning him the title of UNICEF honorary fellow. His work has been recognized widely, evidenced by his nomination for 'Broadcast Hotshot 2012' and his role as YouTube’s UK ‘Creators for Change’ Ambassador.His expertise goes beyond personal projects, having worked for notable organizations like the BBC, ChannelFlip, the Guardian, Doc Society and CybSafe. Myles excels in helping organizations and individuals discover their unique voice, offering guidance in content strategy, production, and marketing to engage, inform, and inspire a global audience.In the broadcasting realm, Myles shines as the host of his weekly talk show, "Myles Dyer LIVE," and as a co-host of one of the world's biggest PlayStation VR shows, "PSVR Without Parole".At his core, Myles is an educator passionate about sharing his insights and experiences both in front and behind the camera. Whether delivering keynote speeches, engaging in media discussions, or advising on video strategy, his dedication to empowering others is unmistakable.He firmly believes in the potential of every individual, regardless of their background, to contribute to a world characterized by empathy and understanding.


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